Victoria BC accommodations

When it comes to Victoria BC accommodations, there are many places to stay.

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Here you can find information on different types of Victoria accommodations.

Your choices range from lavish hotels in Victoria British Columbia to a quiet homey bed and breakfast inn to an actual house (which is a wonderful idea for families!)

The most important thing to think about before you make your choice among Victoria accommodations is to consider how you'll be spending your day.

If getting around on foot is your preferred mode of getting around town, you'll probably want to choose accommodations that are close to the harbour (there are many options in all kinds of price ranges).

And there's enough to do in Victoria to satisfy even the most restless of heart. Renting a car just to have it parked somewhere 70% of the time doesn't make a lot of sense. And when in comes to transportation in Victoria, it can be downright FUN!

Where We Would Stay During a Visit to Victoria

Of course, there are Victoria accommodations to fit every taste, every budget, and every desire. But here are our "insider" recommendations for the very best in Victoria BC accommodations...

The Fairmont Empress is one of my favorite hotels in the world. One of my favorite spots in this hotel is the concierge lounge. The furnishings are beautiful, and it has an incredible view of the harbor area and surrounding buildings. It's a wonderful place to sit and relax with a cup of tea. Be sure to get a room with an ocean view. Learn more about the Fairmont Empress Hotel...

The Royal Scot Suite Hotel is only minutes from the inner harbor and the free shuttle service is a great bonus and the free apples at the front desk are a nice touch. Lots of little extras. They have bagpipers in traditional dress playing in front of the hotel, which is a wonderful welcome. Their suites have plenty of room. There's a large living area, a fully stocked kitchenette (with everything you could imagine), queen size bed, a full bath and the decor was warm and inviting. GREAT place for a family to stay.

Enough About Us! What Are Your Favorites?

We told you our top 2 Victoria accommodations spots. But what do you think? Where have you stayed in the past that you would recommend?

We love to get reader reviews, so if you have one to make, then please visit our Victoria Lodging Reviews & Recommendations page to read the reviews we've already got or to make one of your own.

We hope you found this Victoria BC accommodations information to be useful. Please check back as we plan to update this page on a regular basis.
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