Maps of Victoria BC

Use this map of Victoria BC and the Vancouver Island map to orient yourself to our Victoria BC information throughout the site.

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We find that even the best information is hard to put into context without some sort of visual reference points. And many people who search for information on Victoria are looking for maps.

We thought we'd get you started here with some maps of Victoria BC and Vancouver Island that will help you figure out where you want to go in Victoria and how to get there.

So, that this Google map of Victoria BC
will be helpful, but you might also want
a map you can download. Luckily, the
website (Greater Victoria Visitors
and Convention Bureau) offers such a map.

A Google Map of Victoria BC


And to help you locate Victoria on the huge island of Vancouver, here is a map of Vancouver Island, with the surrounding areas in British Columbia and the U.S. state of Washington:

Of course, to locate specific addresses on printable maps (along with driving directions), you can also use these resources:

This is another map showing the location of Victoria.

TheA map showing the terrain around Victoria

This map shows the details of downtown Victoria.

This map shows downtown Victoria

Hopefully, you found this page with the maps of Victoria BC to be helpful!

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