Education in Victoria.


Education in Victoria is very varied in comparison to many other cities mainly because of the bi-lingual necessity within Canada as well as the growing number of Asian languages ,mainly in western Canada .There are also a number of further academic establishments the most well known is the University of Victoria (UVIC) .

There are a wide range of schools in Victoria ,some of which I will do a short write-up of below.

All the necessary contact information is given for play schools (nursery schools and Victoria kindergartens), pre schools, infants schools , junior schools (primary schools in Victoria and secondary schools or high schools in Victoria). Information is also given on further education in Victoria, such as Victoria colleges and universities .

Before you make the decision which school your child should attend, it would be a good idea to visit the schools in Victoria you are considering and speak to the head teachers. Many schools have a day and or evening program where parents of prospective students can attend, meet some of the teachers and look around the schools, colleges or universities.

Anyone wishing to get into any of the establishments please enroll as early as possible as to be sure of a secured place as competition is quite fierce.

The three best known further learning establishments along with brief write up:

University of Victoria:
Also known as UVIC, you will find events calendar, campus map, UVIC publications, Registration & Admission and just about everything you need to know to attend the University of Victoria at

Camosun College:
Camosun College has two campuses, the Lansdowne Campus and the Interurban Campus. Camosun is an excellent community college.

Royal Roads University:
Also known as RRU, Royal Roads University offers many unique courses such as training programs for Microsoft's MCSE certification and other high-tech courses.