Family Travel - Victoria BC

Family travel Victoria BC is not only possible... it's great fun!

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The busiest travel time of the year is during school holidays and summer and when you have children, working around that schedule can be a real challenge. And trying to find an affordable hotel room(s), the right car and be able to travel within that schedule can be a project itself.

Hotels encourage people to book directly with them by offering lower rates. By doing that, the hotels save the booking charges they have to pay when someone makes reservations through online booking agents like Orbitz, Travelocity or Expedia.

However, when your available travel time is limited, there might be an advantage to using the bigger on-line booking agents. Being able to put together a package, can save you time, frustration and the chance of scheduling missteps.

Family vacations SHOULD be fun, even the planning stages. Get the kids involved. Have 'meetings' after dinner and most of all begin planning EARLY.

Some Tips for Family Travel to Victoria BC

The first thing is to determine where everyone wants to visit. Maybe come up with 2-3 choices in the event there's no way to pull off everyone's first choice. If it's on the top of your list, it's probably on the top of a LOT of families lists.

Packing can be considered an art with the current security issues at the airports and the carry-on limitations. Try to limit each traveler to 1 carry-on bag. Toiletries are usually offered free in the hotels and worse case can be purchased so that should save some room. There are several advantages to carrying just one bag.

One is security. When you check your luggage, you're entrusting it to others and you avoid the chance of loss, theft, damage or misrouting! If you have a direct flight, misrouting is less of a problem, but if you're going from Denver, to Pittsburgh, to Philadelphia in order to get to Paris... you best be spending at least a day there before you head to Italy.

Other reasons, there's no tipping porters, you don't have to wait at baggage claim and shuttles are usually free. About connecting flights... If it takes you an additional 12 hours due to airline connections to reach your destination and it saves you $50, you might re-think that. You want to be relaxing at your hotel. Not stuck in an airport hoping you don't get bumped.

If you have 2 or more children, think about renting a house rather than 1+ hotel rooms. Having a home away from home is nice if someone has too much fun and to feel poorly. You'll save money by not having to eat in restaurants all the time and early breakfasts at 'home' are fun for everyone when planning what to do during the day. If bad weather rolls in one day, sitting on the couch with popcorn watching a couple movies isn't a bad way of spending time either!

Everyone knows there are prizes to be had while on vacation. If you're able to travel with 1 bag per traveler, pack a fold-up bag or 2. You can use those as carry-ons and check the original bags on the return trip. It's not so big a deal if bags are mis-routed and you're at home. So, as long as you do some careful planning ahead of time, family travel Victoria BC should be no problem!

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