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Use each Canada travel tip you find on this page to plan the perfect Victoria vacation!

Here are a few more travel tips you may find to be helpful as you plan your visit to our fair city.

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A Canada Travel Tip for the Disabled

Whether you are traveling by bus, car, air, train, cruise or any other accessibility for disabled travelers nowadays is provided. Hotel considerations are also in great abundance also for blind travelers, deaf travelers, wheel chair users, those traveling with service animals and travel with someone with a learning disability.

Canada Travel Tip(s) for Female Travelers

Some useful tips for female travelers (or anyone traveling alone) are...

  • Keep your wits about you.
  • Keep your room number private.
  • Keep your money safe.
  • Always carry a cell phone (mobile phone) with you.
  • Carry only light luggage.
  • Beware of unwanted attentions.
  • Travel in suitable clothing for the climate.
  • Try not to eat alone.

Canada Travel Tip Regarding Your Health

There are various health risks that you will be exposed to in the different areas of the world - some of which will be applicable during your stay in Victoria.

These are some of the common conditions you may encounter on your travels - bites, blisters, gastro-intestinal problems, mosquitoes and malaria, altitude sickness, poison ivy, health risks associated with cold weather (hypothermia, frostbite), health risks associated with hot weather (sunstroke, sunburn, sun blindness, dehydration) and lyme disease.

You may need various travel vaccinations. Your local medical facility or travel agency will be able to tell you where to go in your community.

This is a good company –many of its remedies you will find to be excellent for all types of travel. Both I and some of my friends have tried their products and have found them to be quite successful in the areas that we tried them in. Try them for yourself - you will be pleasantly surprised.

Canada Travel Tip - Travel Insurance

It is a good idea for anyone traveling to purchase insurance, whether it is of a basic nature or more comprehensive. It is a preferable to purchase the best insurance you can afford as you never know what may happen to you on your travels.

You may ask what needs to be covered (medical expenses, cancellation, delays, curtailment, default care, etc.) and what travel insurance policy will give you the best value for money. For example, annual cover or multi trip may be better suited to you.

Canada Travel Tips - Finances

All travelers need to know the safest ways to handle their finances when traveling - what are the pros and cons of using a credit card, a debit card or travelers cheques when on vacation, for example, and what is the best way to deal with your foreign currency small change? The previous topics will be of use to travelers in Victoria, and in all the other countries of the globe.

Canada Vacation Packing Tips

general tag logoWhether you are packing for a trip to Victoria or for another city on the globe, it is useful to have an idea about what to take and how to pack it efficiently.

Carrying liquids safely, keeping clothing fresh, which shoes to take, essential items to take, wall socket adapters, extra sets, security, what to wear when traveling light and other packing methods are all useful. Our packing checklists page will give you some great ideas of what to take with you when you travel. When at all possible, try to travel with only one carry-on bag. It will save you both time and money.

Safety Tips

Whether you will be staying in Victoria or elsewhere, your safety will always be of crucial importance. So, be sure to be aware of hotel safety issues, and know how to avoid being a target for crime, how to avoid trouble with the locals, safe ways to carry cash, watch for pickpockets (especially in airports, train stations and other areas of mass congregation).

Traveling With Children in Victoria BC

Traveling with children allows you to see things through their eyes, maybe again. But with school holidays and summers being the busiest travel time of the year, it can be a scheduling challenge (more...)
There are many special considerations to take into account when traveling with children, be it to Victoria or further afield. I am reminding you to help you recognise and take these into account when making your holiday plans.

Know the best ways on how to curb bad behavior in children, car travel with children, children and flying, train travel with children, staying in hotels with children, letting children spend time together, children in restaurants, how to reduce the cost of a holiday with children, planning your holiday and snacks during travel, as well as recipes for children and recipes for babies.

Also, consider sitting services, childproofing your rooms, travel documents for children, safe cots and buggies, travel health for children and medication for children, what to do if your child gets lost, possible reactions to your child, how to deal with travel sickness, insect repellent, vaccinations and travel with a child with learning difficulties or a travel with a child with a physical disability.

Canada Travel Tip - Traveling With Pets

If you intend to stay in Victoria or elsewhere with your pet, there are some serious considerations you should make. The areas to include are finding pet friendly accommodation, car travel with pets, air travel with pets, what sort of pet carrier you need, soothing music for pets, keeping certain items easily accessible and following a packing checklist for pets.

Of particular importance are the articles on whether you are sure your pet is fit to travel, what you need to do before you travel with your pet, the pet travel scheme (PETS) for European countries, pets and poisons, pet tagging, how to avoid losing your pet and stressed pets.

Tips & Gratuities on Your Victoria Vacation

Some hotels include tips or gratuities with group programs to simplify bookkeeping. This will usually include gratuities for housekeeping, bell service and food service.

In a hotel, bell service should be tipped about $1 per bag, and housekeeping $1 to $5 dollars a day (in proportion to your room rate). Visitors should know that the standard tip in restaurants is 10% to 15% (on restaurant bills, an average tip will match the GST tax). The Canadian tax that is applicable in all provinces, with 20% for very outstanding service.

This is especially important for visitors from countries where tipping on meals is not done: here in Victoria, the wait staff depend on tips for a significant portion of their incomes. Tip a similar proportion for taxis, or at least round fares up to the nearest dollar.

Did you find any Canada travel tip on this page to be at all helpful? We sure hope so, because we aim to please and we DO want you to enjoy your vacation in Victoria, British Columbia!

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