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What's your PLEASURE? Victoria offers a Multitude of Experiences!!

There is SO much to do in Victoria, that there comes a time when you really do need to prioritize and be a little flexible (when you're traveling during shoulder season).

One of the most popular activities is Whale Watching (try doing THAT in a land-locked part of the world)! It can really be quite an emotional experience.

AND the BEST way to get to know Victoria is to do a walking tour. You get some great exercise, are shown the highlights of the city and get to meet some interesting new friends! Who knows, you might set up a time to meet at the Winery or Culinary Tours!

Or Kayaking! Now that's not something you get to do every day...

May We Suggest These Tours in Victoria?

Whale Watching!
Here you get your choice depending on the adrenalin rush you're looking for. Most tour companies offer a larger boat for a smooth experience and a smaller VERY fast boat for a wilder ride.

SpringTide Whale Tours boast the highest sighting percentage, 97% last season. Up to 10 departures daily from the center of downtown Victoria at 1119 Wharf Street, beside the historic Bastion Square.

Little Harbour Ferries
What a wonderful way to see what Victoria has to offer. Their 45 minute relaxing tour is good for the soul. There are seabirds, seals and otters that you may meet along the way. Historic homes, condominiums, shipyards, hotels, seaplane terminals, parks, hotels, trestles, and even a reversing falls make these tours one of the most popular attractions that Victoria has to offer. Hop onboard, enjoy the sea breeze, and see Victoria from a very different waterfront view.
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Tours in Victoria Directory

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Harbour Air Seaplanes
950 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3
Phone Number: (250) 384-2215
Toll Free: (800) 665-0212

Hyack Air & Marine Adventure Centre
1234 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3H9
Phone Number: (250) 384-2499

Kenmore Air
Toll Free: (800) 543-9595
(flies from Seattle to Victoria in about 40 minutes)

West Coast Air
1000 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T4
Phone Number: (250) 388-4521
Toll Free: (800) 347-2222


b>M.Y. Northwind
Inner Harbour Docks
Victoria, BC
Phone Number: (250) 415-2522

SpringTide Charters & Tours
1207 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T9
Phone Number: (250) 384-4444
Toll Free: (800) 470-3474

Victoria Harbour Ferry Company
1234 N Wharf St.
Victoria, BC V8W 3H9
Phone Number: (250) 708-0201


Crush Wine Tours
1-649 Admirals Rd.
Victoria, BC V9A 2N6
Phone Number: (250) 888-5748

Starling Lane Winery
5271 Old West Saanich Rd.
Victoria, BC V9E 2A9
Phone Number: (250) 881-7422

Travel with Taste Tours
1-356 Simcoe St.
Victoria, BC V8V 1L1
Phone Number: (250) 385-1527

Vancouver Island Brewery
2330 Government St.
Victoria, BC V8T 5G5
Phone Number: (250) 361-0005

Winchester Cellars
6170 Old West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC V9E 2G8
Phone Number: (250) 544-8217


Tally Ho Horse Drawn Tours
Menzies & Belleville
Victoria, BC V8L 1L7
Phone Number: (250) 383-5067
Toll Free: (866) 383-5067

Victoria Carriage Tours
Belleville & Menzies Streets
Victoria, BC V8V 1X3
Phone Number: (250) 383-2207
Toll Free: (877) 663-2207


Victorian Garden Tours
Phone Number: (250) 380-2797
Various Locations through Victoria


Eco BC Tours
302 Fraser Street
Victoria, BC V9A 6G5
Phone Number: (250) 386-6000
Toll Free: (866) 280-6277

Island Adventure Tours
1032 Oliphant Street
Victoria, BC V8V 2V1
Phone Number: (250) 812-7103
Toll Free: (866) 812-7103


Tall Ship Adventure
PO Box 8206
Victoria, BC V8W 3R8
Phone Number: (250) 885-2311
Toll Free: (877) 788-4263

Blackfish Wilderness Expeditions
Phone Number: (250) 216-2389

Sail Piraeus Adventures
Inner Harbour
Victoria, BC
Phone Number: (250) 360-6184


Fresh Air Tours
3925 Ansell Road
Victoria, BC V8P 4W1
Phone Number: (250) 472-3737
Toll Free: (877) 868-7790

Gray Line West
721 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2B3
Phone Number: (250) 388-6539
Toll Free: (800) 663-8390

Great Day Getaways
Phone Number: (250)388-0091

Island Time Tours
101-3263 Alder St.
Victoria, BC V8X 1P3
Phone Number: (250) 477-3322
Toll Free: (866) 846-1917

Royal Blue Line Motor Tours
Belleville St.
In front of COHO Ferry Terminal
Victoria, BC V8V 1W9
Phone Number: (250) 360-2249
Toll Free: (800) 663-1128

(Sightseeing cont'd in next column)

Sea to You Eco Marine
305-948 Esquimalt Rd
Victoria, BC V9A 6V3
Phone Number: (250) 217-7759

Victoria Harbour Ferry Company
1234 N Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3H9
Phone Number: (250) 708-0201

Wilsons Diamond Tours
109-3347 Oak Street
Victoria, BC V8X 1R2
Phone Number: (250) 475-3235
Toll Free: (800) 567-3288


Ghostly Walks and Discover the Past
Phone Number: (250) 384-6698

Hidden Dragon Entertainment & Tours
541 1/2 Fisgard St.
Victoria, BC V8W 1R3
Phone Number: (250) 920-0881
Toll Free: (866) 920-0881

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Room 144 Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4
Phone Number: (250) 387-3046
Toll Free: (800) 663-7867

Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria
15 - 1594 Fairfield
Victoria, BC V8S 1G1
Phone Number: (250) 598-8870

Secrets of the City
812 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3

Victoria Bobby Walking Tour
414-874 Fleming Street
Victoria, BC V9A 5V5
Phone Number: (250) 995-0233

Western Paradise Walking Tour
308-1630 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3J5
Phone Number: (250) 384-8126


Cuda Marine Whale Watching Adventures
146 Kingston Street
Victoria, BC V8V 1V4
Phone Number: (250) 995-2832
Toll Free: (866) 995-2832

Eagle Wing Tours
1234 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3H9
Phone Number: (250) 384-8008
Toll Free: (800) 708-9488

Eco Cruising Tours & Transport
4096 Raymond North
Victoria, BC V8Z 4L6
Phone Number: (250) 655-5211
Toll Free: (888) 634-9046

Fantasea Charters
950 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3
Phone Number: (250) 658-6052
Toll Free: (888) 721-1100

Five Star Whale Watching
651 Humboldt st.
Victoria, BC V8W 1A6
Phone Number(s):(250) 388-7223 & (250) 388 5474 Toll-free in U.S.A. & Canada 1(800) 634-9617 Victoria's oldest family run whale watching company since 1985!

Great Pacific Adventures
811 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T2
Phone Number: (250) 386-2277
Toll Free: (877) 733-6722

Naturally Salty Excursions
950 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3
Phone Number: (250) 382-9599

Ocean Explorations Whale Watching
602 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1C7
Phone Number: (250) 383-6722

Orca Spirit Adventures
146 Kingston Street
Victoria, BC V8V 1V4
Phone Number: (250) 383-8411
Toll Free: (888) 672-6722

Prince of Whales Whale Watching
812 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3
Phone Number: (250) 383-4884
Toll Free: (888) 383-4884

Seacoast Expeditions
146 Kingston Street
Victoria, BC V8V 1V4
Phone Number: (250) 383-2254
Toll Free: (800) 386-1525

Seafun Safaris
950 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T3
Phone Number: (250) 360-1200
Toll Free: (877) 360-1233

Springtide Victoria Whale Tours
1119 Wharf Street
Victoria BC V8W 1T7
Phone Number: (250) 384-4444
Toll Free: (800) 470-3474

Wildcat Adventure Tours
1234 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3H9
Phone Number: (250) 384-9998

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