Victoria BC hostels

The International Hostel Victoria BC is a perfectly fine alternative if luxury lodgings are not in your budget.

international hostel victoria bcPeople tend to think of hostels as places only youthful backpackers stay in when they want an "upgrade" from the wilds. But, actually, hostels can be right for anyone who just wants a clean and inexpensive place to stay in Victoria.

The International Hostel Victoria BC is located in a beautiful heritage building right in the heart of downtown Victoria. Only a 5-minute walk from the harbor and many of the city's historic buildings, they have friendly staff who are on duty and ready to help you 24/7.

It costs a mere $18 to $21 a night to stay there (for shared rooms; private ones are more), and though you have to use communal showers and may not have complete privacy in your bedroom, there is free WIFI access, generous kitchen facilities, a game room, and more.

The International Hostel Victoria BC probably isn't for everyone, but it's sure a great option for some! It's located here:

516 Yates Street
Victoria, BC Canada

Another hostel in the area is:
Ocean Island Backpackers Inn
Hostel & Lounge
791 Pandora Ave,
Victoria BC, Canada V8W 1N9
1-888-888-4180 or 385-1788

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