Moving to Victoria

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Thinking about moving to Victoria - or have you already decided.

Whenever you decide to move somewhere there can be so many different things to consider , hopefully this section will help you to make your decisions a lot easier & possibly give you ideas that you may not have considered.Some of the things that you will want to consider when deciding to move here are – Your age – are you male or female – are you single or married – do you have any relatives or friends in Victoria or nearby – do you have children that will be living with you and how old are they - what kind of work do you do –

You will probably want to know about many different things before arriving here to begin your new adventure.

If I was moving here these are the main areas I would be interested in of course it would depend on what my needs were. I will break all of these areas down into sections for you in order to give you as much information as possible.






Beaches & Lakes

Car rental or lease


Moving companys

The areas/municipality’s of Victoria

Greater Victoria is has 13 areas or as they are known here municipalities, these are (in order of their distance from downtown-the further down the list you go the further away they are from city hall in downtown Victoria).

If you click on the links below it will lead you to a few photos of the region along with a map & a brief description with basic facts so youll have a better idea if or if not its one of the areas you would want to live in.

Downtown Victoria

James bay

Victoria west ( Vic west )



Oak bay


Central Saanich

View royal

North Saanich